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We started our shop like many others......" Do you know where I can find ......?" and a response from me, I think I can make that for you. The rest is history. I add new things all the time so please check back.

I joined the Marines in 1992 and retired in 2015. Through good times and bad times, I have always had a mission in the deployable units I was attached to. Then, I found myself stationed in a place where I was not preparing for the next mission; not sure what to do with all this extra time. One recommendation was to get into some hobbies I used to enjoy and see how it goes. So that is how TA Wood and Vinyl got started. We specialize in military 3D items but have also been asked to go outside of my comfort zone and make things for retiring Boy Scout troop leaders, active fire fighters, retiring military, police stations, and even signs for homes around the world. I have truly enjoyed each mission I have been given and love the challenges that I have been given with custom items ordered. I never know each day what I will be asked to make next, and that alone is fun, and even better when I am able to do what is asked and achieve a higher level than what the customer expected. I hope I am able to do this for a long time.

2016 Goals: To improve production times to get orders out faster with the same quality. Increase marketing and grow TA Wood and Vinyl to make even more people happy with our items and share our love of carved wood items and vinyl decals with the world.

Please check out my facebook page for other items we sell but are not listed.

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